I’m having a staring contest with my date. I think he’s winning. (at Balboa)

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Lovely coffee (and) art ♡ (at Intelligentsia Coffee)

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It’s best to seek refuge in a cafe while the rain is pouring outside. (at D&B French + Bakery)

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched. They must be felt with the heart.

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Coffee is never having to say you’re sleepy. ♡

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Months ago, I was with faced the question, “If it were possible to compress all the pain you’re bound to experience in your lifetime for a few hours of intense hurt to live the rest of your years without so much as an ache, would you do it?”

For a moment, I considered it.

Think about the long term benefit of the proposition.

Sitting through what seems like an endless hell and never again suffer the stabs of pain afterwards. 

It does sounds tempting, I thought to myself. 

What’s funny was that a couple of weeks later after that conversation with a friend, I found myself a prisoner to my bed, my blanket tightly wrapped around me. There I was- buried underneath my mountain of pillows. 

I had my heart broken and I questioned, how do people even survive heart aches and heart breaks? How does one deal with the pain that never seems to go away? How does cliche, “Time heals all pain” even work?

Grief, anguish, jealousy and sadness are a number emotions that slowly creep into our thoughts. They are so intense that we find ourselves powerless- feed on those emotions and linger on them. I was a victim of this for the longest time. I loved fighting my emotions, I found myself struggling. I struggled for the reason that whenever I felt any amount of sadness, I would criticize myself and tell myself to snap out of it. There’s no room for pity, there’s no room for sadness or anger. The struggle was ever so present.

Though in time, with patience and trial and error, I learned that struggling is useless. Stop struggling. Let the emotions flow in, experience it, be mindful of it. You could make something out of it. Without sadness, we would not be able to know what happiness is like. Without hate, we would not know love. There is no fight between the good and the bad emotions, we need to take care of them both for a transformation to take place.

Moments of pain are planned out throughout life. They should not be compressed and experienced in one sitting. Moments of pain are essential to our lives. With the pain experienced, we are brought back, we grow, and we see a different perspective eventually. 

Pain is supposed to be taken in right amount doses. You have to go through these emotions for you understand what it means to be alive.

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Hi! I found you on the side bar of my tumblr so I decided to follow you. I checked out your blog and it's so amazing! Please continue to share beautiful photos, places and thoughts. Seriously in love with your blog!

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Hello, thank you so much for your kind words. Get into other people’s minds, explore the world, get into books, movies, art, new places. Get into stimulating things that will open you up. Love, love, find happiness and your own light. :)

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Hi pretty lady! :)

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Hello! <3 

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Chocolate + Cappuccino + Granola = How Can You Not Win At Life? (at Slice, Bonifacio High Street)

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